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May 17, 2008



I've been in similar situations and it is so true that the last thing that does any good is hearing someone spout Christian cliches. Sometimes life just sucks.

May God give you grace.


I'm sorry for your loss and grief. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



I have come from Kingdom Grace to read your story and join those who sit beside you in your grief in heavy silence -- because there are no words. Way too many of us know way too much about this kind of grief....

Gary Means

Ron, you said, "If anyone is actually reading what I write here, please accept my apologies." I am reading, and no apologies are needed. I appreciate your candor.

Allow me, if you will, to offer a prayer for you:

Dear Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I don't know Ron and I only know what I've read in this post. But I do know that He needs Your comfort, Your hope, Your strength. I ask for those things in abundant measure. I also ask that You would meet his deepest needs. I ask that You would bring those alongside him who can be there with him, who can provide a listening ear, without judgment, unwanted advice, or platitudes. Lord, that sounds really scary and very demoralizing to lose a great job like that. Please provide for Ron. Please meet his physical, financial needs. Please meet his mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Amen.

Tracy Simmons

Ron, thanks for being so vulnerable and willing to share like this. It is a precious gift to read your words.

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend who has lost just about everything imaginable. If you put a "nightmare list" together of horrible things to lose and happen to a person, this person has had a giant check mark placed next to every item. However, they said an amazing thing to me in the midst of their pain: That while their outer man was being utterly crushed to the point of death, it was only causing their inner man to find more strength from God because they literally did not think they could survive unless they did so.

Anyway, that makes me think of you. So, I'm praying that your inner man will be strengthened by God, even while I cry with you that your outer man is undergoing such a time of agony.
(2 Cor.4:6-18).



hi ron, i came over from grace's blog. thanks for sharing your story and i'm sorry for your loss.


I came from Grace's too.
Stopping to pray...

Sorry that it all sucks so much :(


I'm also here via Grace, and I know the knee analogy far too well. Gathering with you to sit shiva as you grieve.


Let's just say that recently two friends (who do not know one another) each suggested that I write a book.

Are they kidding me?

Kicking around titles:

*How Much Does Infertility Suck

*How Much Does Infertility Treatment Suck

*How Much Does It Suck about How Much Infertility Treatments Cost

*How It Totally Sucks That Infertility Treatments Didn't Work For Us

*How Much It Sucks To Wake Up One Day With Lupus

*How Much It Sucks To Lose My $100K A Year Job Because I Woke Up One Day With Lupus

*How Much DOES It Suck For My Husband To Lose His Job Right After I Lost My Job Because I Woke Up One Day With Lupus

*How Much Does It Suck For Your Mother To Die 16 Days After Being Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

*How Very Much It Sucks To Have Your Gynecologist Tell You That You Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease When You Have Been Happily And Faithfully Married For Eight Years...And How Much More It Sucks That He Tells You This Just Six Weeks After Your Mother Died

*How Much Does It Suck To Not Really Remember The Next Few Months After That

*How Much It Really Does Suck To Declare Bankruptcy

*How Much Does It Suck To Have Your (Unfaithful) Husband Be Diagnosed With Cancer And Then Die 49 Days Later

*How Much It Sucks To Lose Your Home And Most Of Your Possessions

*How Much Does It Suck That Somehow Other People Seem Afraid Of You Because Maybe Loss Is CONTAGIOUS

*How Much It DOESN'T Suck That I Didn't Lose My $11/hr Job When I Had To Have A Hysterectomy For A Freakin' BENIGN Tumor

*How Much It Sucks That You Actually Prayed That The Tumor Wasn't Benign

Or maybe just:
*Well At Least I Haven't Had To Live In My Car...Yet

I'm certainly not putting this out there for pity or sympathy (but cash donations are always welcome) :-)

I won't say I know how you feel, because I don't, but I DO understand how much loss after loss after loss HURTS and I DO care. I would say I'll pray for you, but considering the above, you may not even want to be on my list.

Seriously hoping that it lightens up a little for you. Soon.

A Sister


Peace to you today from a fellow struggler.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Understanding and praying.


I'm also here via Grace. My prayers are with you today. While I was reading your post, I had this vision of my heart. Have you seen Ironman? I see my heart crushed into a million tiny metal shards--floating throughout my body. I need one of those electromagnets screwed into my chest to bring all of the pieces back together again.
Blessings on you today, my fellow traveler.


You are in my thoughts and prayers. Kimberly


Ron, I don't know what your losing but I do know this...I am in the midst of losing my "dream" and its very difficult. Every day is hard.

I've had so many arguments with God. I don't think some of my closest friends can take what I have to say to him...but you know, he seems to be able to take it. I trust him...but man, it's hard. Time heals all wounds they say...guess we'll find out.

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