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January 17, 2008



I just read a bunch of books (4) on evangelism and discipleship for a course I'm taking in the Spring. I was, honestly, sort of saddened by what I read. I got the feeling after reading several hundred pages that discipleship is an ideal better suited for cultures and times no longer ours. One of the books I read attempted to answer all of the questions you ask here at the end of your post, which are great questions; but in doing so, left me with the sinking feeling that whatever discipleship "ought" to be today, no matter how biblically accurate or verifiably aligned to Jesus' call and example, it is not going to be the kind of thing today's more common brand of church leader would want to engage.


Susan, thanks for the comment. I sincerely hope that what you're saying isn't true, that discipleship is better suited to times gone by and cultures no longer ours. I get the feeling that you don't believe this either or you wouldn't be committed to that kind of study. After all, reading four books on evangelism and discipleship is kind like discipleship training itself, isn't it? Well, kind of.

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